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How we work with security and contingency planning

The Security and Contingency Planning Department provides support to members and the Norwegian fleet on issues related to maritime security

Security and contingency planning
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The Norwegian Shipowners' Associations activities regarding maritime competence and recruitment

The Norwegian maritime industry is world-leading across the entire maritime value chain. Over the next few years, the industry will be characterized by restructuring, the need for innovation and, at the same time, an ever-increasing demand for new skills both on land and at sea.

Competence and recruitment
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Climate and environment work at the The Norwegian Shipowners’ Association

The sea route is the most energy-efficient option for transport and carries approximately 80% of world trade. Shipping currently accounts for about 3 percent of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  

Climate and environment
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The Heyerdahl Award

The Thor Heyerdahl International Maritime Award was established in 1999 by Thor Heyerdahl and the Norwegian Shipowners’ Association. The award recognizes candidates who have demonstrated exceptional technical innovation and environmental work in line with Thor Heyerdahl's spirit.

The Heyerdahl Award